Case Study Scenario 1

Typically time poor owner/operators or businesses that have grown and are more complex with HR & OHS compliance and technology than they are comfortable with. Not wanting to deal with the daily hassles of managing people, e.g. wrong people in wrong jobs, performance management, or hiring and firing. Stressed and time poor clients who don’t want to be distracted from doing what they enjoy doing.

Case Study Scenario 2

Owner/operators who have done the “hard yards” to build the business from scratch. They are smart forward thinkers who want to ensure the business continues to perform well into the future. They want a fresh set of eyes, someone with proven business management experience, call it a new set of “eyes and ears”, to review the business operations and “provide peace of mind” associated with management support

Case Study Scenario 3

Visionary entrepreneurial clients who don’t want to be “chained to the office” every day. They have the industry contacts, the ideas and love the sales & marketing but don’t have or want to learn the operational management skills. They would rather have the confidence, know the business is “in good hands” and not have to worry about the daily operational issues.

Case Study Scenario 4

Business owners/operators typically who don’t have the time and/or experience to manage complex supply chain constraints and resources effectively. Inability to balance staff labour to meet changing production and labour demand resulting in increased costs of manufacturing. Inability to effectively management inventory resulting in excess physical space and obsolescence. Inability to change quickly to remain competitive adapting to price and demand.

Case Study Scenario 5

Business owners/operators, after so many years building up a successful business, may be physically and mentally exhausted. They may have lost the passion, it is all “too hard” and they cannot see the “wood through the trees” at the moment. They may have lost a key employee and all the knowledge was in the person’s head and there were no systems and processes in place when that person suddenly left.

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